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10x provides high-volume, continuous manufacturing capability for precision micro-structures in polymer sheet and film.

The most novel and appealing product design might not see the light of day if it can’t be manufactured reliably and economically.

10x specializes in translating its customer designs into scalable product.  10x has unique manufacturing technology that enables the continuous replication of micro- and nano-structured polymeric substrates.  Its technology can concurrently hold sub-micron tolerances while also permitting reliable and economically-viable production.

10x is the manufacturing partner and supplier to several companies commercializing breakthrough technologies in applications ranging from fresnel concentrators to improve the efficiency of solar systems to micro-needle arrays for transdermal drug delivery.  10x’s many years of experience producing these substrates assures its customers can reliably receive the film or sheet it requires while avoiding the many pitfalls and capital investment associated with trying to build such an operation in-house.