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01.25.13 Laurence Hayward Joins Board of 10x Technology

January 25, 2013

Laurence Hayward has recently been elected to the Board of Directors for 10x Technology. Mr. Hayward serves as a Partner at Independence Equity, a venture capital fund that holds an equity position in 10x Technology.   In addition to his work at the Fund, Mr. Hayward is founder/CEO of VentureLab, which advises early-stage companies, and he is co-founder/director of Cornerstone Angels, a private network of angel investors.

10x Technology, LLC (10x) develops and manufactures micro- and nano-structured polymer substrates. 10x’s products range from micro-needle arrays for transdermal drug delivery to Fresnel lenses for solar concentrator systems. The company serves five core segments including Energy, Transportation, Electronics, Government and Medical.

Please follow this link for the full press release.