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About Us

In 1986, Robert Pricone commercialized the first micro-prismatic retro-reflective sheeting for high brightness traffic signs years ahead of the traffic control industry.  The process was based on the continuous hot embossing of polymer films and replicated 22,000 optically precise micro-prisms per square inch to a surface flatness within 0.140 microns and angles between prisms to within 1 minute of arc.  The optical performance of the product was 3x brighter than any competitive product and was less expensive to manufacture.  Since then, Robert Pricone has had thirteen patents issued and ten additional patent applications pending in the field of micro-replication.

Robert Pricone founded 10x Technology in 2005 to bring this experience and know how to other high growth market opportunities and challenges.  The proprietary technology offers excellent precision and quality.  The efficient manufacturing process allows us to be price competitive.

10x continuously seeks to advance the field of microreplication. 10x has several next generation technologies under development that will reduce costs and enable the manufacture of products that are beyond the scope of conventional methods.