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10x collaborates with customers on design functionality for both testing and commercial production.

In many cases, 10x customers already have a design planned for a specific product or application. This may be in the form of computer-aided design (CAD), technical drawing or even a sample prototype. These designs often represent important intellectual property to our customers and we are accustomed to working with them to protect this asset. 10x helps its customers to translate their design into molds or tooling that can be replicated in such a form to permit scalable manufacturing.

In other instances, 10x customers have a specific function in mind but seek expertise at translating that function into a practicable design. 10x collaborates with its customer on a design and then provides the capability to translate that design into tooling and eventually a manufactured product.

In short, 10x caters to the specific needs of our customers helping them commercialize their designs. We help turn ideas into economically viable products.

Diamond Turning enables the production of high quality precision mechanical components with sub-nanometer level surface finishes and sub-micrometer form accuracies. Learn more about mastering here.